Aspen Management

HOA Management

Aspen Management was founded by Chris Geer, a former corporate attorney and finance professional. Chris was first exposed to Homeowner Association Management while providing legal services to one of Vail Valley, Colorado’s largest HOA property management companies. After working as that firm’s outside legal counsel for nearly 2 years, Chris accepted an offer to leave his law firm and become Senior Vice President and General Counsel to that professional HOA management company.

After working in hands-on HOA management
for the Vail firm, Chris ultimately founded Aspen Management in 2008 to provide the HOA’s of Boulder, Denver, and Colorado’s Front Range with an unparalleled HOA management service experience.

There’s nothing quite like coming out with a
bang.  And that is exactly what we did. How? By securing as our first client one of Colorado’s largest completed HOA’s―The Rock Creek Master Homeowner’s Association.

Taking care of this already well-maintained community was the easy part. The challenge came with devising a system that was prepped and ready to handle the management of a 2,800 home association. But rise to the challenge we did, and we are proud to continue to serve Rock Creek and provide them with our unmatched level of service.

Taking an 18 month hiatus from growth to further refine our services while working with Rock Creek, we began steadily adding clients in mid 2010. In terms of future growth, we are excited to continue to grow at a steady, even pace so as to ensure our customer service never falters. If Rock Creek and our other communities can entrust us to be their HOA property management company, we are confident that you will be pleased with our homeowner’s association property management company as well.